Stationery: Other subjects
African Wild Dogs
Miniature Sicilian Donkey
Bet Your Ass:
I Am All Ears
Botswana Babies
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Bet Your Ass
Bet Your Ass:
Overheard in the Paddock
Bet Your Ass:
This is My Good Side
Pack Leader
Stationery Set
African Wild Dogs
Assorted Image Choices
Ready to Hunt
Subordinate Females
Subordination Dance
Stationery Set
Bet Your Ass series
Botswana Babies (Zebra)
Pansy (Cat)
** The "Bet Your Ass" series is also available in a mixed card set. 
  • The 8 card set contains 2 cards of each of the 4 images. 
  • The 4 card set contains 1 card of each of the 4 images.