W. Cothran “Cot” Campbell, President, Dogwood Stable, Inc. 
“I am a great admirer of your work anyway, and I was blown away with the Summer Squall piece. You got his head just right.
We are very flattered that you would use him as a subject and I am delighted that the work sold readily, as well it should.”
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Henry Hooker, MFH Hillsboro Hounds
“There is a connection between sport and art that enhances the enjoyment of both. So the work of Lynn Carlisle, whether equine or canine, brings enduring pleasure to the spectators and practitioners of field sports. She produces a mood and look that stirs the memories of knowledgeable owners, causing them to revisit the exploits of her subjects in a celebration of their being.
Having spent many happy hours of my life in pursuit of fox, feather and fin, I find a certain comfort in her pictures because I know they are the way they should be.”

Benjamin H. Hardaway III, MFH Midland Foxhounds, ex-president Masters of Foxhounds Assoc.
“You, Lynn, are the artist… Your painting truly speaks from the heart.”

Linda Knox McLean MFH, Aiken Hounds
"Namon was my once-in-a-lifetime foxhound. Wonderful nose and tremendous cry. He won both Foxhound Performance Trials he entered, winning every category in both trials. Much loved and much missed."
Norman Fine, Publisher,; creator and former editor, Covertside magazine; editor, The Derrydale Press Foxhunters’ Library; author, Foxhunting Adventures
"When I look at a Lynn Carlisle painting of a dog, I don’t see a painting. I see a living dog – its unique expression, a spark of life radiating from within, always faithful to the personality of its breed. I see the crooked stance, the cocked head – natural, yet fleeting dynamics that put the dog in motion. A rare talent!"